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1. How much does a laser machine cost?
 The price range depends on the model required for your application. We have different models at affordable prices. Please click here to contact a sales representative for prices and recommendations.
2. How easy it is to learn to use the laser machine?
 CAMFive laser machines are very easy to operate and maintain. On top of that, we offer the best technical support available and "Hands on" free training. Manuals and instructional videos are also available.
3. What type of software do I need to purchase to run the laser machine?
 No software purchase is required. Our equipment includes dedicated control software.
4. What types of materials can I cut and engrave?
 CAMFive cutting and engraving laser machines are designed for a wide range of industries and materials. Click here for a complete list.
5. Will you test my materials on your laser machines?
 Yes, we have machines available for demos, testing and training. We also provide videos for potential customer with the tests results.
6. What materials are not safe to cut with a laser machine?
 The laser produces heat creating a chemical reaction in some materials. For example, materials containing Hydrogen Chloride and Vinyl Chloride (found in PVC) are hazardous to the life expectancy of the laser machine.
7. How much does it cost to operate the laser machine?
 The operation cost runs about $0.11 per minute. This data involves power usage and consumable parts.
8. What is the right laser power for my application?
 Depending on your application CAMFive will assist you in many ways to find the laser machine with the right specification in order to get the best results. Testing will be conducted to satisfy your needs if necessary.
9. What is included in the CAMFive laser system special package?
 The system includes all of the CAMFive standard features such as air flow regulation valve, red dot pointer, laser pen dual cooling system, potentiometers, safety features (door sensors, emergency stop button and on/off key), control software, manuals, tool kit for preventive and corrective maintenance, plus air compressor, exhaust blower, electronic water chiller unit and voltage regulator.
10. What is the warranty on the laser machine?
 CAMFive offers a comprehensive warranty policy. For more information and complete terms, please click here.


1. What is the advantage of a laser machine?

Laser machines are very reliable for doing a much faster and accurate work than conventional equipment.


 2. How often do I have to replace the laser tube?

It depends on the type of laser tube, the use and the operating conditions. Our average customer reports from 2 to 5 years.


3. Is it difficult to replace the laser tube?

Not really, our laser tubes come with wires attached and secured by screws (no soldering is required), they are label to avoid misplacing. We have manuals and instructive videos to help you through the process; tech support is also available by e-mail, telephone, Skype.


 4. What kind of motor does the laser machine come with?

 Our laser machines come with Japanese made step motors.


5. What laser power do I need to cut acrylic?

 It depends on the thickness that needs to be cut. We have systems that will cut acrylic up to 1" acrylic.


6. Is the laser beam alignment difficult?

If you follow the instruction from the manuals and website videos, it should not be difficult. During training the user is thought how to do it following some simple steps. CAMFive also provides assistance and technical support by e-mail over the phone, Skype, and our website.


7. Can I cut and engrave at the same time?

Yes, the software offers the flexibility to separate the area that needs to be cut and the area that needs engraving. Priorities can also be set accordingly.


8. What are the power requirements for the laser?

220 V AC 60hz 15 Amp outlets are required to power the laser machine. 110 V AC also available upon request.


9. What happens if a component needs to be replaced?

CAMFive will replace it according to the clauses stated in the warranty policy, please click here to review it.


10. How long does it take to get a part?

We have an extensive inventory of spares parts as well as technical support at our two fully stocked facilities in Los Angeles, CA and in Orlando; FL. Parts can be sent overnight at the customer request.


11. Is the rotary attachment included in all the lasers?

The rotary attachment is included in our CFL-CMA2416K, CFL-CMA4032K, and CFL-CMA5136K models only.




1. What are the requirements to run the software?

The CAMFive laser software requires a windows operating system. Windows 2000/XP/vista/windows 7 or windows 8. CPU memory 1G minimum EMS memory 1 G with 32-bit CPU or 64-bit CPU.


2. What type of files format does the software accept?

 BMP, JPEG and GIF for picture images and for vectors AI, DST, DXF, PLT, CUT, DSB... among many more.


3. What software can I use to create or modify my existing files?

 Our software is highly compatible with all major design and retouching software on the market like ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, COREL DRAW, AUTOCAD and much more.


 4. Does a control software come with the laser machine?

 Yes, the control software comes with the laser machine.


5. How easy is to learn the software?

Our software is user friendly and easy to learn. The use and operation is also included during training, followed by technical support.


6. Can I make designs in the laser software?

 Yes, the program provides the basic tools for drawing and text.


7. Can I install the software in different computers?

 Yes, however, the software comes with a security key (dongle) that needs to be inserted in to the PC's USB port to run the program (one dongle key included with purchase).


8. Can I store files in the laser machine?

 Yes, the laser machine comes with an internal memory for storing files.


9. Can I work the Machine without a PC?

Yes, by using a USB flash drive or by using the internal memory.



1. Do I get assistance during the installation?

Yes, we provide assistance over the phone, Skype, and videos in our website. Technical support team is also available for traveling.


2. Is training available if I purchase the laser machine?

Laser machine Maintenance & Operation training at our premises is available for free.


3. What is the duration of the training?

Standard training takes usually 8 hours, one full day or 2 days of 4 hours.


4. Do I get support after the training?

Unlimited technical support is offered via telephone, e-mail Skype, and our website. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST in Florida and Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm PT in the California office.


5. Does CAMFive offer installation and training at my premises?

Optional On-Site Installation and Training by our Tech Support Engineer is available for an additional charge at the customer's request.


6. Is training mandatory?

No, is not mandatory but is strongly recommended and is also available by telephone, email or Skype.



1. What are the maintenance requirements?

Preventive maintenance actions are required. Keeping the machine lubricated and the filters on the chiller and compressor area mandatory.


2. How often do I have to lubricate the machine?

We recommend to be lubricated on a weekly basis. However; if the machine runs 24/7 it has to be daily. The rails and all the moving parts have to be lubricated to assure that the laser head travels smoothly.


3. Does the compressor require maintenance?

Keeping the air filter clean is the only maintenance required.


4. How often do I have to change the water in the chiller?

Water has the tendency of creating mold and minerals sediments that may clog the water cooling system. We recommend the use distilled of water and replace it when it starts turning dark.


5. How frequent the lens has to be cleaned?

It depends on the material you work with; the lens has to be kept clean at all times to optimize the laser beam path. During training the user will learn how to replace and maintain the lens and will get recommendations from the technician.


6. Do the mirrors require maintenance?

Mirrors have to be free of dust and debris to assure that the laser beam is reflected at its optimum intensity. Checking the calibration once in a while is also recommended.


7. How often do I need to replace the lens?

 Lens replacement is based on the usage and preventive maintenance is summited to.


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